That New Bankruptcy Law: I've Figured It Out!


No More Bankruptcy?

Too Late To File Bankruptcy?

Can't Get Rid Of Credit Cards Anymore?

The truth is...
You can do almost everything under the NEW law that people did under the OLD law."

The main difference between the OLD Bankruptcy Law and the Brand NEW Bankruptcy Law is this...

There is some extra paperwork, but I even have that figured out, make filing bankruptcy as easy and painless as possible.

Sure, there are some small changes here and there that will affect some people, certain ways...the NEW Law is more strict.

But...and you need to know this... I have thoroughly read, studied, dissected, picked apart, analyzed and examined all 500+ pages of the new law, and I can now state with confidence that, for the most part, if you have debt problems, I can still help.

In fact, what you will find is that many of you will get exactly the same great result under the new law, as you would have received under the old law.

Is filing bankruptcy still worth it? 

Absolutely, especially in times like this with minimum payments being doubled, fuel costs going through the roof, and interest rates that just keep going up.

Turns out the new, big, bad bankruptcy law "ain't that bad".

In fact...catch some cases, I am finding that the new law actually provides an even better result for getting rid of debt than the old law did. 

Filing bankruptcy does a lot of things, but one of the main things it did under the OLD Law...and still does under the NEW to help you and other good, honest, hard-working people get rid of unsecured debts and put those hard-nosed bill collectors under control.

There's Still Plenty Of Help Available
Under The New Bankruptcy Law...
The New...and in some ways...
Bankruptcy Law!

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Disclaimer: Results will vary depending upon your goals, assets, debts, income and expenses.