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Creating and editing books in drupal

Creating Books in Drupal:

 Add a page to a book
  - node/add/book and then "Save" or "Save and create another" OR
  - node/edit/book/[node id] and then "Clone" OR
  - Go to a page in the book, and select "Add child page" (I think we should create an "Add sibling page" as well and the new sibling page would by default appear right behind the page it was created from), OR
  - use wiki formatting to create titles via CamelCase or double-brackets, then go to the wiki stubs page and assign the stubs to a book, then edit the stubs, OR
  - install Prepopulate module and create a url with the data you would like to appear in the node.

 - create from Book Skeleton

 Edit a page in a book
  - Go to, and select edit for the node you want to edit.  

 Edit the order of a book,
  - Go to, and select the arrow next to the page you want to move and move it to the desired location.

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