Instructions For Ghostbloggers


Instructions For Ghostbloggers:
Welcome. Thank you for joining us as one of the ghostbloggers on our law firm bankruptcy blog team.
Please reply to this email: If the terms and conditions set forth in the email are acceptable to you, please indicate by reply email. In your reply, please state: “I agree to your terms and conditions.” As soon as we receive your email, subject to the information and tax forms we need from you (see below), we are good to go and you can immediately start writing and submitting blog posts.
Name of Blogsite: “Bankruptcy: Before, During & After”. This blog is an offshoot of our law firm website: http://___________________________
Overview Of Blog: The blog will initially be written to address 2 major topics:
The main topic will try to address all that is involved in the entire process of filing bankruptcy, from getting into debt, to getting out debt using bankruptcy, to getting life back on track. This will be called something like “Bankruptcy: Before, During & After”. This topic will cover the “nuts & bolts” and will be subdivided into various “categories” and “sub-categories”.
The second, but not insignificant, topic will address current news events as they relate to bankruptcy. This will be called the “Bankruptcy: News You Can Use”. 
Categories for “nuts & bolts” topics: The categories* listed on our blog site were set up to reflect the various stages in the passage of our clients into and out of debt, including without limitation, the following stages in the bankruptcy process:
·    Introduction to and purpose of blog
·    Getting in debt
·    Warning signs
·    Realizing there is a problem
·    Considering and trying non-bankruptcy solutions
· Considering the bankruptcy option
·        Benefits of Bankruptcy
·        Saving Your Home
·        Marriage and Debt
·        Your business and your bankruptcy
·    Picking a bankruptcy attorney
·    Making an appointment
·    Qualifying for bankruptcy
·                               Overview
·                               Exemptions
·                               Valuation of property
·                               Deciding who should file


· Decision to file
·       Common pre‑filing mistakes (fraudulent transfers, preferential payments, etc.).
·        Dealing with debt collectors
·    Filing process
·    Life after bankruptcy
Rebuilding credit
Buying a house
Buying a car/truck
Avoiding the same mistakes.
In addition, there will, of course, be one category called “Bankruptcy: News You Can Use”. 
* This list of categories is a work in progress. Therefore, the list provided in this letter is always preliminary, and subject to change. Categories will be revised, deleted or added, as needed, to properly characterize the various topics encompassed.
Criteria For Blog Posts:
Overall focus: Content that will encourage viewers to at least look into filing bankruptcy as a solution to their debt problems.
Guide For How To Pick Topics: Pretend you have debt problems and that you are searching for knowledge, answers and solutions. Then, pick topics that you would want to know more about or would find interesting.
No Duplicate Topics: Make sure you don’t pick a topic which is already addressed in another post on our blog site. In the beginning, since this is a new blog site, this should not pose much of a problem. However, to be on the safe side, before you settle on a specific topic, please check our blog for duplicate content. Blog location URL: http://_____________________ That said, coming at a topic from another angle or perspective than previously presented in another post is perfectly O.K.
Submit Your Post For Review As Soon As It Is In Final Form: Please submit each post as soon as it is written. That is, do NOT hold off until you have written multiple posts. This will get posts published as soon as possible and, in turn, help us avoid the problem of duplicate posts submitted on the exact same topic.
Unique Content: Must be unique re-presentation of raw material supplied. Plagiarism is not acceptable.
Writing Style: Fresh, concise, conversational, encouraging, easy-to-understand, and engaging for a broad, general, consumer audience. It is probably best to think in terms of how you would write if you were writing copy for one of the “______________ for Dummies” books. (No offense intended, since these books are not really for dummies, as dummies would generally not be readers). Please make sure you double-check your spelling.


Perspective: All posts written for the “Nuts and Bolts” categories should be written in the 2nd person. It is more personal if you talk to “you”. “Bankruptcy Newsroom” posts should be written as a general summary of the news story, and can include the writer’s commentary if appropriate. Bankruptcy Newsroom posts do not need to be written in the 2nd person.
Length for Posts: 400 words minimum, 600 maximum
Titles: The title must, in all cases, in a few words, accurately describe the gist of the post content.
Excerpt: Feeding off the title, but perhaps expanded to more fully describe the gist of the post content.
Assigning Categories: We have set up a list of categories and sub-categories. Please click on all those categories that seem to relate to the content of your post. Doing so will link your post to the categories checked off. Note: Depending upon the content, it may relate to more than one category.   NOTE: Please feel free to let us know if you think we need to add additional categories.
Assigning Tags: You need to create tags for each post you write. For each blog post, ask yourself this question: “If I was searching to find this post, what word, words, or phrases would I type into a search engine to find it?” These words and phrases are the “tags” that you will create for your post (not including words already included in the list of “categories”).  
List Your Source Material: You must list the source of your “raw” material. This is NOT an option. We require this so we can check the accuracy of your blog post and so that we can insure against possible plagiarism. Please include detail sufficient to allow us to both locate and access your source material, including the name of the source, plus the relevant page or date thereof. In addition, if the source material was not supplied by our office, we will also need for you to provide information on how we can access the source material “online”; if the source material is not available “online”, we reserve the right to hold off publishing and paying for your post until you have supplied us a copy of the source material.
Underlying Blogging Platform: Drupal
How to submit your blog posts:
(Andrew: This will need to be changed reflect the steps necessary for your interface)
Open your web browser.
Go to the following webpage: http://___________________________
Login using your assigned username and password:
Username: _____________________
Password: _____________________
At the top, type (or copy) into the box provided the title to your post.
Then, type or copy into the box provided the body of your post.


Then, type or copy into the box provided an “Excerpt” for your post (basically nothing more than an expanded version of your title, sufficient to clearly identify the “gist” of your post).


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