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Sample Craigslist Ad For Ghostbloggers
"Ghostbloggers needed for law firm's consumer bankruptcy‑law‑related website. Need a total of five(5) ghostbloggers to write at least 20 blog posts per month on bankruptcy law, bankruptcy, and topics at least minimally related to bankruptcy, such as topical financial developments, economic developments, budgeting, foreclosure, repossession, credit, credit scores, personal finance, financial hardship, mortgages, etc. This will be an ongoing project that will not end. Compensation may be further adjusted, depending upon blogger dependability and quality of blog posts. Prior expert knowledge of bankruptcy law or bankruptcy issues is NOT a requirement, however, any such knowledge would be a plus. All raw material for content will be supplied or made accessible.
Applicant requirements:
Excellent English‑writing and grammar skills.
Strong attention to detail.
Ability to write concise, easy to read, conversational and engaging content for broad, general consumer audience.
Ability to produce posts on a regular and dependable day‑to‑day basis. .
Blog post requirements:
Posts will be minimally 400 words each.
Content must be unique. Plagiarism is not acceptable.
Compensation: $3.00 per 100 words.
Hiring process:
Please indicate interest in job by email addressed to ________________________
All applicants will be required to write 2 sample blog posts based on raw material we will supply by reply email.
Decision on hiring: On or about ______________________.
Note: Other work may be available from time to time, such as writing copy for press releases, landing pages, opt‑ins, e‑books, etc.

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