Bankruptcy Myth #2: Everyone Will Know That I Filed Bankruptcy

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MYTH: Everyone will know that I filed bankruptcy.

Yes, bankruptcy filings are part of the public record. Yes, they are typically published with the daily legal notices. For anyone to actually find out about your bankruptcy case, they would have to access the U.S. Bankruptcy Court's electronic filing system at the local federal courthouse. Most people don't make it a habit of spending their leisure time paging through this electronic filing system. Most people don't spend their leisure time reading legal notices.

Also, you are protected by attorney-client confidentiality, which means that your attorney will not discuss your bankruptcy with anyone unless you approve and authorize the contact in question. The court does not publicize your bankruptcy filing other than it being part of the public record. You control who receives notice of your bankruptcy by listing your creditors and other parties of interest on your master mailing list. The bottom line is that no one will really find out about you filing a bankruptcy case unless you tell them.

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