How Bankruptcy May Help You Deal With A Lawsuit, Part 1: Filing Of A Lawsuit

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Have you been sued? Are you the defendant in a lawsuit? Are you facing the possibility of a judgment being rendered against you in a court of law? Are you struggling with your current financial situation? Would a judgment devastate you financially? Not to mention the legal fees associated with the lawsuit? Bankruptcy may provide the solution, especially if unpaid debt for things such as credit cards, medical bills, and other loans is making life difficult on a daily basis.  

Filing a bankruptcy case will stop a lawsuit dead in its tracks. In addition to stopping a lawsuit from proceeding through the civil court system, it will also stop garnishment, repossession, and foreclosure. Eliminating a lawsuit that could result in a judgment of thousands of dollars allows you to go back to square one and restart your financial life with a new beginning. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will file a notice of the filing of your bankruptcy case in the civil matter.

Bankruptcy will stop the continued buildup of bad credit. It will stop creditor harassment associated with debt that is the subject of the lawsuit. It will stop threatening, harassing, and continuous phone calls from any other creditors and their collection agents.

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