How Bankruptcy May Help…When You Lose Your Job

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Have you lost your job? Are your unpaid bills piling up on the kitchen table? Are late charges for unpaid credit cards and other loans adding to your financial woes? Are these financial difficulties mounting mainly because your primary source of income is no longer there? Bankruptcy may help anyone who has lost their job deal with unpaid debt for things such as credit cards, medical bills, and other loans, both secured and unsecured.  

Denvil Crowe has the knowledge and experience to assist anyone who may need to consider filing a bankruptcy case, whether a Chapter 7 or 13. Please schedule a consultation today at our conveniently located office in Tupelo at 346 N. Green Street. At this consultation, we think you'll feel like you're visiting an old friend for advice and immediately feel like there are solutions to financial hardship. When you leave the office of Denvil Crowe, we think you'll have a sense of relief and feel much less stress. Pass the weight of your financial burden to a qualified and caring professional.

When you lose your job, you lose your primary source of income. Certain events may result from this lack of income because bills remain unpaid. These events include:

·       lawsuits.

·       garnishment.

·       repossession.

·       foreclosure.

·       creditor (collection agencies) contact.

Eliminating a mountain of unpaid debt in the face of a lost job allows you to go back to square one and restart your financial life with a new beginning. It will stop the continued buildup of bad credit. It will stop creditor harassment. It will stop repossessions and threats of repossession. It will stop threatening, harassing, and continuous phone calls from creditors and their unscrupulous collection agents.

Tupelo's most famous son, Elvis Presley was and is the "King of Rock and Roll." Denvil Crowe is the king of Tupelo's finest and most qualified bankruptcy attorneys. Call 800-429-HELP (4357) if you have any questions that need immediate answers or if you just need someone to help you accurately review and thoughtfully consider your options. We can help you decide whether bankruptcy is your best option. Email us at or check us out online.

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