Federal Law Protects You From Creditors Phone Calls

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When filing for bankruptcy, it’s important for all residents of Northeastern Mississippi to be aware of certain vital information. Denvil Crowe may provide this necessary information. Some of this valuable knowledge involves knowing how certain federal laws protect Mississippi residents and all Americans from creditor harassment in the form of phone calls. Please schedule a consultation today at our conveniently located office in Tupelo to find out more. It may make a difference!

Debt collectors commonly use phone calls and threatening messages to harass people who have delinquent loan payments. This type of harassment and contact isn't anything that any normal consumer would desire. Most, if not all, people who are the subject of such harassment wish that debt collectors would simply stop calling them on the telephone and allow them to regroup and get their financial problems under control.

What many people don't know is that sending creditors a letter requesting them to stop such phone calls is one of the protections provided by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act ("FDCPA"). Denvil Crowe, an attorney well-skilled in the knowledge of how federal law may protect consumers, has the ability to inform prospective bankruptcy filers of all the protections afforded by federal bankruptcy and consumer protection law.

In addition to providing the option of opting out of collection phone calls with a cease-and-desist letter, the FDCPA protects consumers by limiting the timing and recurrence of creditor phone calls.

Elvis is the "King of Rock and Roll" and Denvil Crowe is the king of Tupelo's most qualified bankruptcy attorneys. If you have any questions that you need immediately answered or if you just need someone to help you clearly and accurately review and consider your options. We can help you decide whether bankruptcy is your best option. Call 800-429-HELP (4357), email us at Contact@denvilcrowe.com  or check us out online today!



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