Keep Your Hard Earned Pay From Being Taken Without Your Permission

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Most of us work hard at our jobs. Our pay is vital to supporting family and lifestyle. Too many times, our earnings may be insufficient to cover all of our bills and other obligations. Creditors want to be paid. They are rarely, if ever, sympathetic to the financial plight of a past borrower. When repaying debts becomes nearly impossible, creditors may use the courts to recover from a debtor. The end result may be the loss of wages. Don't let this happen! Bankruptcy can stop creditors in this situation!

When any hard-working wage-earner experiences difficulties repaying loans and other obligations, the underlying creditor may take legal action to recover an overdue balance. Often there is no defense to this lawsuit or the debtor is simply unaware of any. The result is that the debtor does not defend the lawsuit and the creditor receives judgment by default. If the creditor cannot immediately collect, this typically results in garnishment of the individual's wages, which only aggravates any current financial problems.

A lot of people end up using payday loans to fill the gaps in their monthly income and expenses. Sadly, using payday loans only widens this gap and reduces disposable income in future months, always aggravating the situation and increasing financial hardship.  

Wage garnishments and payday loans prevent a family's "bread winner" from providing necessary financial support. Bankruptcy can stop wage garnishment while permanently extinguishing any obligation to pay a past judgment or payday loan.

If you want more information about bankruptcy, including how it works and what it can do for you or if you need any assistance learning about bankruptcy, including a clear and complete review of your options in the face of financial hardship, call Denvil Crowe, one of Tupelo's most qualified bankruptcy attorneys.

Maybe you just need some basic information. If so, Denvil Crowe's office is readily available to help you find the answers and solutions to all of your questions and problems. We can help you decide whether bankruptcy is your best option. Call 800-429-HELP (4357), email us at, or see us online today!

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