Credit Counseling Before Filing A Bankruptcy Case

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Bankruptcy requires the completion of two credit counseling classes, one before filing, and one after filing but prior to the completion of the bankruptcy case. This last point is crucial to receiving a discharge in a bankruptcy case, which is the most important reason for filing bankruptcy. The time to receive a discharge in a bankruptcy case varies from 3-6 months for a Chapter 7 case and from 3-5 years for a Chapter 13 case. Keep in mind, no discharge order will be issued until both courses are completed. In fact, a person may not even file a bankruptcy case until the first course is completed, which is the subject of today's blog.

The public policy underlying the federal bankruptcy law requires prospective bankruptcy debtors to have no other options except filing bankruptcy. Also, it hopes to decrease the chance that a person will file another bankruptcy case in the future.

A person who needs to file bankruptcy must complete a credit counseling course within 180 days prior to the bankruptcy case filing. Once filed, as mentioned above, another different course on debt management must be completed or the debtor will be ineligible to receive a case discharge.

Pre-bankruptcy (and post-bankruptcy for that matter) credit counseling classes are available in-person, online, and over the telephone. Any individual filing a bankruptcy case may apply for a waiver of any fee prior to taking a credit counseling course. Once completed, a person will receive an authenticated certificate for filing with the local bankruptcy court.

The pre-bankruptcy counseling course teaches the creation of a budget while reviewing personal finances and considering bankruptcy alternatives.

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