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Four Questions To Ask a Bankruptcy Lawyer Before Signing 1

Bankruptcy law has gone through many changes in recent years, which makes a good lawyer more important than ever for a successful bankruptcy case. It is also important to be fully informed about what a prospective lawyer can offer and what to expect from them. If you are talking to a bankruptcy lawyer, here are four questions to ask them before signing a contract:


The Role of a Trustee in a Bankruptcy Case 2

Ok, you are getting a fresh start on your financial situation and have filed for bankruptcy. One of the major players that you are going to be interacting with is a bankruptcy trustee. A bankruptcy trustee is a lawyer assigned to oversea your bankruptcy case. Their role in the case differs as to whether your bankruptcy case is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.


Does My Chapter 13 Payment Change With My Income? 4

The decision to file for bankruptcy is not one to take lightly. With the multiple bankruptcy plans available and the changes to bankruptcy law that occurred in 2005, it is important to be an informed about options from various scenarios. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy but have concerns about what may happen should your income change, here is an overview of the facts.

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