Our Debt Defeaters (Benefits & Qualifications)


         The DEBTonator(Chapter 7)

Description: This is our powerful, traditional Chapter 7 bankruptcy program.
No monthly Payment: What you pay "up-front" to get started, is all you pay.
Fast Relief: The sooner you get stared, the sooner your creditors are put under control. Get started and it's "No more calls, no more letters, no more lawsuits, no more harassment". And for unsecured, dischargable debts, this protection is permanent. The sooner you get started, the sooner you get relief.
Debts Discharged: Discharged means gone, forgiven, erased. If you qualify, you can be totally and permanently FREE from all your credit cards, medical bills, personal loans & other unsecured, dischargeable debt.
Fast Fresh Start: The DEBTonator is the fastest way to "explode" your way out of these debts. In most cases, it's over and done with in less than 4 months after you file.
Fast New Credit: Getting out of debt is always the 1st step in re-building new credit. The faster you get out of debt, the faster you can get your credit re-built.
You must fully qualify for relief under Chapter 7 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.
       The DEBT-Buster:  ($99/month):
Description: This is a NEW "special" type of Chapter 13 plan made possible by that new bankruptcy law. The DEBT Buster is designed to get you the same relief you could get by filing Chapter 7, but with much less money required "up-front".
Low Downpayment: You pay less than $400 "up-front" to get started.
Low Monthly Payment: Then, you pay around $99 per month.
Fast Fresh Start: The DEBT Buster is a fast way to "bust free" of these debts in about  36 months after you get started.
Fast Relief: Same as with the DEBTonator.
Debts Discharged: Same debts discharged as with the DEBTonator, program.
More Debts Discharged: With the DEBT Buster, you get the "Super Discharge", because it also discharges: (1) Divorce obligations, other than alimony and child support, and (2) Loans taken out to pay taxes.
No Reaffirmation Agreements: With the DEBT Buster, you completely avoid the mess, risk and extra cost of dealing with agreements in order to keep your vehicles on which you owe money.



• You must fully qualify for relief under Chapter 7 of the
  Bankruptcy Code.
• You must have not more than $1,300 in "priority" debts.
● You must have enough steady, dependable income to pay all
   your normal monthly living expenses, plus about $99 per month
    DEBT Buster
• You must pay the $99 per month by payroll deduction
  (not required, if not possible, Ex. social security recipient .)
       The DEBT-Survivor (Chapter 13)
Description: Our powerful, traditional Chapter 13 bankruptcy program.
Low Downpayment: In most cases, you can get started for less than a traditional Chapter 7 up-front fees. This varies, depending upon the risk and complexity of the situation
Fast Relief: Same as DEBT Buster program.
Powerful Extra Relief: Can stop and "defuse" home foreclosures and vehicle repossessions. Plus, buy 36 to 60 months to catch-up on home and vehicle delinquencies.
Fast Fresh Start: You can dig your way out of unsecured debt in 36 to 60 months.
More Debts Discharged: Same debts as the DEBT Buster program.
No Reaffirmation Agreements: Same as with the DEBT Buster program.
Lower Interest Rates/Longer Payout Period: In many cases, get more affordable car or truck payments with lower interest rates and a longer payout period.
"Cram-Down" Advantage: For cars and trucks purchased more than 2 1/2 years ago, is you car or truck worth less than what is owed? If so, save money and get even more affordable payments by paying only what the vehicle is worth, not what is owed.
Student Loans: Give yourself a chance to get on your feet by putting student loans under control for 36 to 60 months.
Qualifications: You must fully qualify for relief under Chapter 13 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code.

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