Intro To Our 3 Different... Debt-Defeater Programs

Don't miss our newest debt solution, the...
"$99/mo. "DEBT-Buster"

          Find out what millions of other Americans have already found out...that bankruptcy can work wonders.  The truth is that nothing...absolutely better or can get you out of debt faster than exercising your right to file bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy isn't a step's a step forward.

     Introducing our 4 Debt-Defeater programs.  Four(4) different programs to serve 4 different needs.  All of our "Debt-Defeater" programs put your creditors under control.  That's great, but that's not all.  There is a program to meet your particular needs, to get your out of debt, to protect your property, and to give you the best chance to get back on your feet and re-build your credit as quickly as possible.  We call them...


Our Soothing, Fresh Start, Forgive & Forget, Begin       Again, Second Chance, Peace of Mind, Oh Yes!,
Sleep Through the Night, Debt Defeater Programs."
     And, now the details:
1) The DEBTonator :

This is our "traditional" Chapter 7 bankruptcy program, where you can "explode" out of credit cards, medical bills, personal loans and other unsecured, dischargeable debt in the shortest amount of time.

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2) The
$99 DEBT-Buster:           (New!)

This is a NEW "special" type of Chapter 13 program made possible by that new bankruptcy law.  The DEBT BUSTER is designed to get you the same relief you could get by filing Chapter 7.  But...get started with much less money required up-front. Pay less than $400 up front.

Payments as low as $99 per month.

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The DEBT-Survivor:

Our powerful "traditional" Chapter 13 bankruptcy program. It gets rid of debt just like Chapter 7, but it can also stop foreclosures and repossessions, buy more time to catch up car and house delinquencies, and, in many cases, it can save you substantial money in paying off your vehicle loans.

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